For the avid birdwatcher, Platbakkies and the surrounding semi-arid landscapes offer a variety of interesting bird species, some of them endemic to our area. Grab your hat and camera and come see if you can capture a special moment with one of these!

Cape Penduline Tit

Cape Bunting

Double-banded Courser

Grey-backed Sparrow-lark

Black-eared Sparrow-lark

Lark-like Bunting

Rufous-eared Warbler

Cinnamon Breasted Warbler

Karoo Eremomela

Red Lark

Stark's Lark

Spike-healed Lark

Grey Tit

Ludwig's Bustard

Namaqua Sandgrouse

Karoo Korhaan

Spotted Eagle Owl

White throated Canary

These are only a few pictures of the multitude of beautiful birdlife we enjoy here on our farm!  All you need is some time out there and the little ones will be spotted everywhere!

Booted Eagle - Hugh Chittenden