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Situated on the R355 between Kliprand and Springbok, Platbakkies is a farm in the heart of the Namaqualand of South Africa. On the edge of the Bushmanland, it contains the best of both worlds in that it showcases both the seemingly never-ending plains and the grassy vegetation of the Bushmanland and the mountainous scenery and scrubbery of the Kamiesberge. It is situated at about 120 kilometers from Springbok and 80 kilometers from both Kamieskroon and Garies. Platbakkies is central to the farms in the area, which are far removed from these small towns. For this reason, it used to sport a gas station, general store and post office, the evidence of which still stands proud and tall on the farm.

Whether you are looking for an authentic South-African farm visit, a look into the life of a farmer, a nice environment to explore with friends and family, or just an isolated location to find your bearings and reconnect with the earth, Platbakkies is the perfect getaway spot. There is no better place to let the wind run its fingers through your hair or to feel the sun gently kiss your cheek. At night, the open sky and lack of city lights provides a spectacular showcase of a brilliantly decorated night sky that is unlike anything you could ever have seen.

For those animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, we have dogs, birds, tortoises, cats, sheep, goats, cattle, oryx – not to mention reptiles and rodents. These animals can be seen either tamed or in their natural habitat, all you have to do is look!

Our Vision

Here on Platbakkies, we are always happy to receive guests. We are eager to share the joys of farm life with anyone who would like to experience it. We look forward to seeing you.

living and farming in namaqualand is such a privilege that we decided years ago to share our space and experiences with the rest of the world
Dawie & Lizelle Burden


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according to your needs and the activities you would love to include in your stay, we can compile a package especially for you!

  • it is always advised to plan your trip carefully as we are situated in a rural area and you will need to travel gravel roads to get to our farm
  • do not forget your hat, sunscreen and camera!
  • our newly renovated farmhouse sleeps up to six people and are fully equipped for self-catering if you prefer not to be served a traditional plate of boerekos
  • the cottage, also fully equipped for self-catering with barbeque facilities
  • farmyard camping here with us at the farmstead
  • wild-camping available for adventurers
  • laugh a lot
  • cherish what nature offers
  • live outside
  • wave at the gate